Revenge of the sequel?

With almost everyone in my 362 friend list in Facebook had already watched Micheal Bay’s latest movie, I am to say quite interested to have this write up.

The last update form this blog was about few months back I guess, that is what the toll of power of capitalism had affected me. Having coming back from a “long” haitus must be something super interesting for me pour my thoughts on this blog.

Since the movie was out last week in the UK, Peruzian was the first to comment to me.  Suck big time, that was not the exact words, but that was it meant. Then Rotten Tomatoes told me its only as good as 40%. (Brother Effi showed me that it has went spiraling down to a measely 20%)

I never liked the first one. I still remember vividly, the moment the credits start rolling at the end of the first installment these are my words to my then girlfriend ( I love you baby :D), “I don’t like this, this movie is like an empty can. BANG! BANG! BANG! Nothing inside”.

But I can’t deny that the first movie was a visual galore. Not since Matrix:Reloaded and Spiderman 1, did I ever see such beauty in a movie. So beautiful the art work that I will recomment to anyone outthere, Transformers 2 diskc Blu-Ray is a must have, along with T2 and mankind’s ultimate movie showpiece, The Godfather Part II.

That brings me to the topic,  The Godfather Part II.


Due to the success of any first movie, the sequel has always have the difficulty to fulfill the expectation and hype of the first installment. Thus the sequel syndrome is born.  But this does not mean that all sequel are doomed. Take T2 for example or again, The Godfather Part II.

Godfather Part II (will be known as only Godfarther,henceforth) is one the very rare sequel that actually eclipse and overshadowed it’s original movie. But do not take this statement likely, the first Godfather is a masterpiece by itself already. Without the part II and Part III (urghh) later, the first installment will always feature at anyone’s or anywebsite’s top 100, 250, 10,5 movie of all time.

In Godfather is where Micheal continues his dad role as the head of the family. After the near fatal attack to Vito in the first installment, Micheal reluctantly volunteer to finish off the person who is responsible to the attack of his father. That incident was the point where he actually join the family’s business after repeatedly telling Kay, “I am not like them.”

Not to mention also in the movie where Coppola decided to tell the story on how Vito started to build his empire. This decision is simply genius! De Niro really pulls out an excellent performance as Vito.

There way too many scene to pick out as a deifinin, memorable moment in this movie. But I choose this one. This scene where Micheal decided to “finish off” his own brother, Fredo.

A bit of trivia here, everytime there is a murder,killing in this movie, you will noticed that an activity involving fruit; be it eating it, peeling it, or making monkey faces with it will be shown before it. Nice one Copolla.

With this, let us celebrate probably the best sequel to a movie that a man can make. The best ever!

But how should I leave without showing this clip too:


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  1. pok,

    thanks for the question

    ya ada kaitan dengan metering, dalam kes tok aku pakei spot metering, read at one bright point, background will be ‘killed’, subject will be well exposed


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