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Revenge of the sequel?

With almost everyone in my 362 friend list in Facebook had already watched Micheal Bay’s latest movie, I am to say quite interested to have this write up.

The last update form this blog was about few months back I guess, that is what the toll of power of capitalism had affected me. Having coming back from a “long” haitus must be something super interesting for me pour my thoughts on this blog.

Since the movie was out last week in the UK, Peruzian was the first to comment to me.ย  Suck big time, that was not the exact words, but that was it meant. Then Rotten Tomatoes told me its only as good as 40%. (Brother Effi showed me that it has went spiraling down to a measely 20%)

I never liked the first one. I still remember vividly, the moment the credits start rolling at the end of the first installment these are my words to my then girlfriend ( I love you baby :D), “I don’t like this, this movie is like an empty can. BANG! BANG! BANG! Nothing inside”.

But I can’t deny that the first movie was a visual galore. Not since Matrix:Reloaded and Spiderman 1, did I ever see such beauty in a movie. So beautiful the art work that I will recomment to anyone outthere, Transformers 2 diskc Blu-Ray is a must have, along with T2 and mankind’s ultimate movie showpiece, The Godfather Part II.

That brings me to the topic,ย  The Godfather Part II.


Due to the success of any first movie, the sequel has always have the difficulty to fulfill the expectation and hype of the first installment. Thus the sequel syndrome is born.ย  But this does not mean that all sequel are doomed. Take T2 for example or again, The Godfather Part II.

Godfather Part II (will be known as only Godfarther,henceforth) is one the very rare sequel that actually eclipse and overshadowed it’s original movie. But do not take this statement likely, the first Godfather is a masterpiece by itself already. Without the part II and Part III (urghh) later, the first installment will always feature at anyone’s or anywebsite’s top 100, 250, 10,5 movie of all time.

In Godfather is where Micheal continues his dad role as the head of the family. After the near fatal attack to Vito in the first installment, Micheal reluctantly volunteer to finish off the person who is responsible to the attack of his father. That incident was the point where he actually join the family’s business after repeatedly telling Kay, “I am not like them.”

Not to mention also in the movie where Coppola decided to tell the story on how Vito started to build his empire. This decision is simply genius! De Niro really pulls out an excellent performance as Vito.

There way too many scene to pick out as a deifinin, memorable moment in this movie. But I choose this one. This scene where Micheal decided to “finish off” his own brother, Fredo.

A bit of trivia here, everytime there is a murder,killing in this movie, you will noticed that an activity involving fruit; be it eating it, peeling it, or making monkey faces with it will be shown before it. Nice one Copolla.

With this, let us celebrate probably the best sequel to a movie that a man can make. The best ever!

But how should I leave without showing this clip too:


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bangga gila aku …

ada beberapa moment aku goosebump nanga trailer movie / series,

this is one of them …

stedei gila eh ..

the other moments that gave me goosebump too..

Lord vader

Yes master ?

Raise …


After years of waiting for sequel, they gave us 2 in a year ๐Ÿ˜€

Both these teaser and trailer aku download masa nya baruk kuar. Nang aku tunggu the very moment it is available on the net for me to download.

For Revenge of the sith, I actually had all my housemate to gather around the PC to watch it together one shot. With the lights turned off.

As of the superbowl reloaded trailer, I literally had tears in my eyes watching it.

I am still waiting for another movie that can give me the same impact.

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the tony wong disease …

Dari zaman aku sekolah lagi aku suka baca komik. Sebelum kegawatan ekonomi 1997, aku rasa tak cool baca komik alih bahasa Hong Kong. Aku hanya baca komik keluaran Marvel atau pun DC. Masa tu harga komik 3.15 senaskah. Bila George Soros rasa it is time to play with people’s live in South East Asia, komik – komik barat tadi dah jadi 13 ringgit senaskah. Serius takde duit aku nak beli lagi.

Untuk mengisi kepingin aku baca komik, I finally turn my head to komik alih bahasa Hong Kong. Antara sebab aku tak baca komik Hong Kong dulu adalah sebab pemakaian karektor komik nya. Kamon lah, baju ofis guna untuk lawan, tak boleh blah siot. Tapi tu lah, dah takde pilihan. Komik Hong Kong pun komik Hong Kong lah.

Komik – komik ini lah satu – satunya entiti yang bersama aku dalam semua fasa kehidupan aku. Sekolah –> Universiti –> Bujang tak kerja –> bujang dah kerja –> Kahwin beristeri hot ! ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe..

Aku baca lebih banyak komik lah, malas lah nak detail kan satu – satu tajuk kan. So aku detailkan yang penting sahaja. Pendekar laut. Dari pendekat laut wujudlah Wira Tunggal, dari Wira Tunggal evolusi berterusan sampai sekarang naskah ke 500++ last i checked lah.

Dulu, aku suka baca karya Wan Yat Leung. Dia mula glamer lepas Pendekar Laut. Pendekar Laut dilukis dengan skrip komik tersebut telah siap dihasilkan terlebih dahulu. Teknik ini amat berlainan dengan yang diamalkan oleh Tony Wong. Tony Wong yang terkenal dengan komik Alam Pewira dan Dewata Raya melukis komik as the story evolves. Bukan macam filem atau drama yang telah siap skrip nya. So, komik Tony Wong tends to move towards entah ke mana – mana. Perkembangan cerita tidak konsisten, tidak teratur, tidak terurus.

Tapi komik Wira Tunggal bukan lagi dihasilkan oleh Wan Yat Leung. Walaupun ia merupakan rentetan dari peristiwa Pendekar Laut, it dihasilkan oleh penulis lain. Oleh itu, Wira Tunggal sekarang menghadapi masalah yang sama dengan komik – komik Tony Wong. The Tony Wong Disease.

Semasa di UTP aku jugak baca manga – manga dari Jepun. Dari zaman kolej sehingga lah sekarang hanya 2 manga yang aku masih tunggu – tunggu kemunculan nya. Eyeshield 21 dan Naruto. Pada pendapat aku, Bleach telah di jangkiti The Tony Wong Disease. So aku tak lah ternanti – nanti kemunculan Bleach setiap minggu.

Walaupun Eyesheild 21 sudah menjenguk naskah ke 322, antara petanda asas The Tony Wong Disease, tapi aku yakin pertarungan terakhir ini akan menjadi penutup kepada kisah menarik Kobayakun Sena. American Football World Youth Cup final menentang Amerika Syarikat. Takkan lah lepas menang nih nak lawan T2000 dari future pulak kan ๐Ÿ˜€


Now let us talk about Naruto. Antara anime / manga terhangat Jepun sekarang. Sekarang manga naskah ke 440, memang sah – sah petanda The Tony Wong Disease. Sekarang pertarungan menentang Pain. Naruto dah menguasai teknik – teknik yang 4th Hokage pun tak mampu nak belajar. Si Jiraiya pun dah mati dibunun Pain. Petanda – petanda manga ini akan berakhir bukan?

Bukan … Adeh – adeh.. aku dah tak mampu nak baca lagi lah.. dah dah lah tu..


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Cinta Kimia Ku …

When I did my intern at KLCC, that was the first time that I spend that much of time in KL. Tough residing in KL, I spent majority of my time at college. Only during the weekends or semester break will I go back to my family at KL.

Since spending that much of time at home, what do losers like us do? We spend countless hour in front of PC downloading stuff.

One of the stuff that I downloaded was My Chemical Romance second studio album.


I simply downloaded the album after browsing through MTV Live section of website.

The opening track of that album was simply awesome. The opening track, “Helena” where Gerard Way simply belts out chords I’ve never heard off got me hooked to this album.

So, this album was my companion through the horrific KL traffic. Sometimes, I simply chosed the “longer, jammer” route simply to listen to more of My Chemical Romance. I tought was cool back then, Hitz FM has not started to play songs from My Chemical Romance yet. Cool listening to songs that nobody heard before, so I thought ๐Ÿ˜€

One fine day, on my numerous trip to Kuching, many months later, I was waiting for one of my ultra brother to pick me up for our daily excursion. While waiting I overheard the boy next door talking to his friend.

“Eh ko ada album MCR kah?”

“Ada, aku baruk kak burn.”

“Dengar lok”

Then to my shock, there were playing songs that was my companion during my drive to and from the office.

MCR?!!? What the fish !!?!

That sounded so MLTR. Arghh demit !!

Soon after that, the emo scene hit KL. You can see boys and girls clad in black clothing carrying umbrella around Sungai Wang and their favourite music, yes ladies and gentlemen you guess it right, My Chemical Romance. That is the moment I decided to stop listening to My Chemical Romance.

When My Black Parade hit the market, I decided to ignore it. You don’t want to be labeled to be in the same group of those boys who wear black net socks on their arms that’s for sure.

The emo scene has slowed down here in KL. Nowadays boys and girls from Sungai Wang dressed the Indie way or what I like to call, Fashion Kami.

After wathing this, I can start to rekindle my fondness to My Chemical Romance.

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saya suka …



Sebelum anda mula untuk membaca posting ini, sila tekan dulu butang main untuk memainkan audio dari youtube di bawah.

Setelah kejayaan beberapa kumpulan rock tanah air menempa nama di persada seni tempatan pada tahun lepas sekarang seperti terdapat satu kepadatan (influx) kumpulanย  – kumpulan ini muncul di corong – corong radio pendengar di seluruh negara.

Salah satu kumpulan itu adalah Statik. Kumpulan yang berasal dari Skudai, Johor ini di anggotai oleh 3 anak muda dan kini popular dengan lagu Nikmat Sementara.

Lirik lagu yang ringkas dan mudah di fahami menjadikan lagu ini semakin di minati ramai. Selamat untuk saya katakan sekarang, peminat – peminat muzik tanah air sudah muak dengan lagu ang bertunjangkan konsep aku – cintakan – kau – jika – kau – tinggalkan – aku, – aku – bunuh diri ๐Ÿ˜€

Pemuzik – pemuzik baru masa kini yang lebih kerap di label “indie” berjaya untuk keluar dari kepompong lapuk itu. Juga kemunculan generasi friendster / myspace / facebook banyak membantu penerimaan pemuzik indie di kalangan masyarakat.

Atas desakan emosi yang ingikan kelainan dan mencari identiti untuk remaja pada lingkungan umur 13 – 20 tahun telah memberi ruang kepada kumpulan seperti Statik ini untuk terus menghasilkan karya – karya yang bermutu tinggi seperti lagu ini.

Saya akui, mungkin belum ada yang mampu untuk menghasilkan lagu sehebat Allahyarham Rosli Khamis ataupun Sifu M. Nasir kita tapi jika di beri cukup peluang tidak mustahil pengganti dua karektor hebat muzik tempatan kita mungkin datang dari kempulan yang sealiran dengan Statik ini.

Rasanya, jika anda terus membaca sehingga ke baris ini, anda boleh merasai sendiri aura yang datang bersama lagu ini. Ataupun jika di petik apa yang Edi salu ungkapkan, merasa “hantu” lagu ini.

Hasil dari Youtube, layan lagi Statik.

Sesuatu dalam hatiku berkata,
Hari ini bagai untuk selamanya,
Dan kau katakan ini semua sementara,
Di hari esok โ€˜kan kembali ke asal-Nya,

Pada malam bintang berkelipan,
Aku terpesona dengan keindahan,
Yang Tuhan ciptakan,
Gadis yang jelita, lelaki menawan,
Oh indah dunia,
Yang Tuhan ciptakan..

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Since primary 3 …

Dari aku masih mengenakan seluar pendek untuk pergi ke Sekolah Rendah Kerajaan ( kini SK ) Lutong, aku menggilakan siri animasi ini.

Akhirnya ia diterbitkan ke layar perak, dan ini yang aku dapat?

What the fish !!?!

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They’ve released the MV few weeks ago.

Some cynics are saying, “baik panggil band nih NOH, jangan guna nama HUJAN dah!!?!”



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