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… gutted …

If you guys were watching Bolt’s celebration last night, you should notice when Bolt was celebrating his 2nd world record and olympic gold, another sprinter was celebrating with him. True to the olympic spirit, always the runner up and also second runner up will celebrate like they were winning gold.

I pity Wallace Spearmon tough. While he was celebrating like mad, thumping his chest, lifting Bolt among other celebration gesture, on the replay, we saw he stepped on the line while taking the corner,thus deemed disqualified.

When it was official that we was disqualified, not until minutes after that he was informed. Boy was he gutted. I can’t imagine the frustration not to mention humiliation that he had to face.

Pity you boy.

Me and my wife was celebrating too when this sprinter from Netherlands Antilles, Churandy Martina, was getting bronze. Good for his small country. But after reading the news today, he too was disqualified.

Pity you boy.

From left: Churandy Martina, Usain Bolt, Wallace Spearmon.


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Usain Bolt

This posting is a tribute to the world’s fastest man.

From AP.

BEIJING (AP)—Usain Bolt of Jamaica broke the world record by winning the 200 meters in 19.30 seconds Wednesday night, becoming the first man since Carl Lewis in 1984 to sweep the 100 and 200 gold medals at an Olympics.

Bolt is the first man ever to break the world marks in both sprints at an Olympics. Not even Lewis or Jesse Owens managed that.

Showing what he can do when he runs at full speed all the way through the finish—something he hadn’t done yet in the Beijing Games—Bolt eclipsed the old record of 19.32 seconds set by Michael Johnson in Atlanta in 1996.

Bolt was an astonishing 0.52 seconds ahead of silver medalist Churandy Martina of Netherlands Antilles.

Shawn Crawford of the United States, the defending Olympic champion, was third after teammate Wallace Spearmon was disqualified for running out his lane. The U.S. protested the ruling.

The performance marked Bolt as one of the breakthrough stars of these Summer Games, coming on the heels of his victory in the 100 Saturday night. He bettered his own world record in that race by winning in 9.69 seconds—despite slowing down over the final 20 meters to showboat.

He had shown that had he been “serius” enough running two night ago, easily he can clock in the region of 9.5s. Jamaica had proven to be a success story in the Olympics so far in sprinting event. Maybe it is about time that Malaysia learn something from them. Look at their athletics programme.

Here are some photos I managed to “cilok” from Yahoo’s Olympic Page.

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The pocketrocketman part 3

5 72 SIREAU Kevin FranceFrance 10.719 67.170
6 133 MULDER Teun NetherlandsNetherlands
7 128 BOS Theo NetherlandsNetherlands
8 123 AWANG Mohd Azizulhasni MalaysiaMalaysia

He finished 8th. Nevertheless, the adventure was great !!!

Tahniah Azizul !!! You do us proud !!!

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The pocketrocketman part 2

This what the world has to say about our pocketrocketman.

From ABC

Scottish track king Hoy, already a double gold winner in Beijing, dominated audacious young Malaysian Mohd Azizulhasni Awang in their quarter-final leg to book his place in the last four.

From bernama

In the second bout, the Malaysian, who thrilled the crowd Sunday with a wheelie after making the quarterfinals, battled hard, pushing Hoy to a fighting finish, with the Briton clocking 10.302s.

From berita harian

Azizulhasni, 20, satu-satunya pelumba Asia daripada lapan peserta di peringkat itu, tewas 2-0 kepada Hoy yang juga juara acara keirin, Sabtu lalu.

From utusan

Hoy, juara dunia yang baru bergelar juara Olimpik dalam acara keirin dan pecut berpasukan minggu lalu ternyata bukan lagi tandingan bagi anak muda itu yang sebenarnya disediakan untuk temasya Olimpik London 2012.

From the star

But there was no shame in defeat for Azizul, who was also the only Asian rider to enter the last eight stage of the 200m sprint.



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The Pocketrocketman

Didn’t blog for a while, like how I’ve been telling fir, I need to find identity for this blog first, only then will I continue to blog consistently.

But like how the great man put it, “why so serius ??!?”

So today need to talk about Mohamad Azizul “the pocketrocketman” Hasni Awang, or like the commentator like to put it, “Awaeng”.

IMHO, he is the real star for our country in the Olympic. Heard about him before he left for Olympic. Knowing how our media “works”, I thought it was simply another hype. Sorry jojo.

Didn’t really follow the outcome of team sprint, since it was on working day. But during the weekends, Azizul really shown his mettle in the keirin and 200m sprint.

He won his heat in Keirin. Lucky enough that his heat was shown over and over and over again in the Astro Olympic Channel. Unlucky for him, he was “boxed” out during round 2, and only made it to 10 in classification.

Then come the 200m sprint. He recorded a 10.272s, tough didn’t break his national record, but since it was 7th fastest, faster than the like of Theo Bos (world record holder) and Ryan Bayley (defending olympic champion), man was i excited.

He lost his heat to Bayley tough, but won the repercharge easily.

Then he lost to Jason Kenny. The Brit broke the olympic record during his sprint run, just to tell the level Azizul is facing. Losing quite admirably during repercharge is where Azizul set the velodrome alight. Stefan Nimke, was 3rd fastest during sprint. He was in the same repercharge with Azizul. From the start the commentator is already talking about how people in the velodrome including he himself would like to see Azizul progress, but even Nimke is too much for the pocketrocketman. But during the last 15m, Azizul heave his bike and manage to overtake Nimke and won the repercharge to the centimeter. He earn his place to face Chris Hoy, the current Keirin and 200m sprint world champion.

Tried he is, but Hoy is too much class even for our rocketman. Unlucky for him. But he did left his mark in the world stage, he did left a mark in the olympics.

This is him against Chris Hoy, look at the difference in size 😀


From Canadian cyclist

Once the racing started, there were a few surprises on the men’s side, with defending champion Ryan Bayley (Australia), Nimke and Roberto Chiappa (Italy) all failing to make to tomorrow’s quarter final round. Hoy, Kenny, Bos, Sireau, Bourgain, Teun Mulder (Netherlands), Max Levy (Germany) and Azizulhasni Awang (Malaysia) will contest the quarterfinals. Awang is the only real new name among the remaining riders, and his blazing speed will make him a rider to watch for the future.

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1 down 7 to go?


He did it in world record time. Meremang juak lah bulu roma nanga the time he clocked, a new world record.

Kali tok dapat nya kali, menang 8 medal.

Dolok ada indah aku sik suka ngan nya tok, kali due to my prejudice dengan US kali.

Tapi demi humanity, I am rooting for him, campor gik “the great Ian Thorpe” dah sekda nak.


1. Juak – juga, also
2. Nanga – tengok, see
3. Dolok – dahulu, sometimes ago
4. Sekda – tidak ada, no longer around

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