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KL Menjerit

Bukan, ini bukan reviu filem yang pernah popular satu masa dahulu. (N)Lisdawati sungguh FTW dalam filem ini yo. No bukan danny x factor. Ok tiada kaitan.

Hari ini hari pertama aku memulakan tugas di TTDI, secara rasmi. Untuk seminggu yang lepas aku sudah kerap berulang alik dari Cyber ke TTDI. Semenjak aku meninggalkan UTP pada Ogos 2006 aku terus memulakan tugas di Cyberjaya. Sejak 2006 Cyberjaya lah tempat yang boleh aku gelar rumah kedua aku. Aku rasa aku menghabiskan masa lebih banyak di Cyberjaya jika dibanding dengan masa yang aku luangkan di rumah aku sendiri. Sad, but i do think it is true.

Sejak itu aku berulang alik dari KL ke Cyber, mulanya melalui MRR2 – SILK dan seterusnya MEX setelah MEX siap pembinaan pada tahun 2008. Semenjak adanya MEX perjalanan KL-Cyber aku sungguh, skema. Skema dalam erti kata tiada pemandangan, jika ada pun statik tidak berubah. Hinggakan ada satu waktu aku boleh bertemu dengan “rakan” kereta yang lain. Jika ada pun semasa aku melalui MRR2, disebabkan ia merupakan satu lebuhraya maka apa yang disekelilingnya juga skema, souless, tidak berjiwa.

Tapi sungguh berlainan sekali dengan TTDI – KL. Perjalanan melalui Sprint – Semantan – Kuching – Tun Razak sungguh mengujakan. Dengan hiruk pikuk kenderaan di sekeliling aku, motosikal yang mencelah celah, pegawai trafik dengan muka selanga menggesakan perjalanan aku.

Setiba di hadapan RHB, tedetik hati aku untuk menurunkan tingkap.. membenarkan jiwa KL menusuk masuk ke kereta aku. Yes, ini KL. Ini baru KL… bau haprak asap kenderaan, deruan enjin bas, motosikal, lori semua memenuhi deria ku.. aku merasakan hidup ..

Jika ini lah yang bakal menyambut aku sepanjang pernghidupan aku di “tempat baru” … i am not complaining..

KL, selamat datang!


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a sexy car …

Times and times again, whenever you are reading a car review, or watching Top Gear or even just a discussion over a teh tarik, you will bound to bump into this phrase, sexy car.

Never had I understood the actual meaning of a sexy car. A sexy woman, I can easily get it, but a sexy car? Sorry sir, I just can’t compute it.

Before I bought myself one of Japan’s most owned automobile on the road in KL now, there was this car show in OU. They were showing Mazda line of cars. One of the cars that cought my attention was the Mazda 3. But the price tag just put me off. Lets face it, a fresh grad who just started work can’t afford to pay for a 100K++ car. But my admiration for Mazda continues.

Then came the RX-8 phase. I did not realize it’s beauty when it first “showed” up as Cyclop’s car in X2. Not until Top Gear rated it as the best coupe ever, then I pay my attention to it. I will go gaga over it, whenever it overtakes me or just simply static in the parking lot. I even went to the extend to ask a salesman how many limbs I need to sacrifice to drive myself one. 😀

Then come the current phase. I knew all along other than Mazda 3, there is Mazda 6. But since the price tag put me off couple of years ago, I do not pay any attention to it anymore. Not until one fine day in terminal at Cyberjaya the car I pooled to lunch parked next to one.

That was the time, I actually understand the term a sexy car. Like a light bulb switched on above my head, it hit me. What does a sexy car mean. From any angle, especially the side rear or side front, near either the lamp area Mazda 6 has declare it self as the Petra Nemcova of automobile.

Congratulations Mazda 6, you showed me the light 😀

mazda 6

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adieu …

I am saying goodbye to a good friend.

He has always been there when it matters most. He was there when I am about to enter the adult life. He was there when I became a man.

We had been good friends for almost 10 years.

And now we bid each other farewell …




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tahniah gamba osaka

Not that many team can claim they scored 3 times against Manchester United. But the champions of asia did.

Like Park said before, the gap is still wide between Asian football and European football. It was so apparent with Vidic’s, Ronaldo’s and Rooney’s second goal. You can’t see them scoring as easy in a European or BPL game.

Nevertheless, Gamba’s 1st and 3rd goal was pure class.

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While I am doing this, Thailand just scored their 3rd goal. A sweet left foot free kick, a true world class goal score by the under 23 player. Just makes me wonder, how easy it was for the Thais to score the goal, unlike our national team who huffed and puffed to score 3 goals against the same opponent.

I know, most of 26 million Malaysian spent their good 2 hours just now to see how our footbal team got a good kick at their behind. Though very few would like to admit doing so, football is still our nation number 1 supported sport. Though they might not know the Indras or the Amiru Hadis, the fact that whenever a Jalur Gemilang is at stake, everyone will take notice. Therefore, I don’t want to write who Sathia should have chosed to start the game with, or why Indra is our nation best hope to regain the foothold in this region footballing scene or even why Indra’s print on his jersey was Indra Putra on 1st half only to have it changed to Indra during 2nd half.

Before I start on what I intend to write about, have a look at the video below.

How ironic that something similar happened to us just now.

I want to spend this posting to write about, Zaquan.

Zaquan burst into the national footballing scene as an 18 year old boy who scored 5 goals against Sarawak in the 2004 Sukma at King George’s School field. That is the moment when I first heard the name Zaquan. For the record, Sarawak went half time at 0-0 scoreline only to have Zaquan subbed in during the second half.

My first experience with this new senssation known as Zaquan came during the Asia Youth Cup qualifier against Myanmar at KL Stadium. So ‘expectation changing’ his performance at that match, scoring 2 goals in a 4-1  rout, that I know, this is the very person that will single handedly bring Malaysia back to the footballing map not in South East Asia, but in Asia.

His first televise performance was against My Team, against a team from a local reality tv show will surely not bring the best of any professional football player. He was sent off in that match, being jeered off field by the My Team supporter. Pity him, but I know, that would not dampen his spirit to be the ‘messiah’ of Malaysian football.

When the actual Asian Youth Cup in India commence that year, the team fared miserably. There is a thing called too much football, I till today still thinks that is what actually happened to that ‘team of hope’.

But during last year’s Merdeka Tournament is where Zaquan proof his ‘messiah’ tag. For the entire tournament, he showed the touches, the vision, the explosive pace and the charisma of a true gem in football. He clicks so well with Safee Sali like a well oiled machine.

Fast forward to this year’s edition of AFF Cup. He did not start during Harimau Malaysia’s first match against Laos. The Laotion proofs to be a tough nut to crack, but only after Safee and Zaquan was subbed in did the tempo change, did the game plan changed. His remarkable performance merits him to start tonight against Vietnam.

But unfortunately during the entire game, Zaquan did not bring his scoring boots with him. Nicholas Bradtner woeful form for Arsenal might have affected him too. Similar with Bradtner, Zaquan chooses to wear the pink boots. That pink boots might carry some jinx with it.

His runnings was aimless, his turning is a second off, his vision is non existance, his timing is off and more importantly his finishing is; woeful.

Yes we might lost the game to Helmi’s comical indecisiveness between the goal. (Thai just scored their 4th goal, Malaysia is in for a torrid time in Bangkok on Wednesday) But I can’t deny the fact that if Zaquan converted only one of his hatful of chances just now, we might be talking a different tone of optimism now.

Malaysia might be looking to another pre-mature depature from this AFF tourney come Wednesday, but nothing is impossible when it come to footbal; but to think of it again all is impossible when it comes to Malaysian football. Malaysia was in the same tight spot in 2004 – 2005 Tiger Cup, but we pull through against the same opponent, thanks to the magical form of Khalid Jamlus. Khalid is no longere there to help us, but I still believe in our messiah.

Come on Zaquan, the hope of a nation rests on you.


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ok …

For the first time ever, I want to buy a cd just because of the cd cover.

Very cool indeed


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wujudkah ??….

Ada juak dak tok.. hish..

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