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hale is back …


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Not a long wait anymore part 2

Apparently Seabass is answering.

I am a bit skeptic about this new product from Seabass. The frustration of PES 2008 still hurts till today. I bought my PS3 specifically for PES 2008. I even bought my PS3 months before PES 2008 was out. I even did not wait for Winning Eleven 2008 to come to Asia first but opted to buy PES 2008 at HVN. But all hope were dashed, all expectation were killed by PES 2008.

Therefore, I am going to sit out on this first. Read all the review, from 3rd party reviewers, then decide on it. They can’t get online to work properly last time around, that is one concern from me.

Will talk about PES more after this.

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Not a long wait anymore

Never had I anticipate this series of football game from EA, after impressive showing from FIFA 08, this time I am really anticipating for this game.

What are you going to do about it Sea Bass?

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